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Bidlily’s recruitment voting and membership selection platform helps hundreds of sorority and fraternity chapters plan, prepare for, manage and deliver highly automated and personalized recruitment experiences that result in great-fit matches between chapters and potential new members (PNMs.) With Bidlily, great matches happen.

Personalized for your chapter

Bidlily knows that no two chapters are the same. Unlike other solutions, Bidlily offers highly customizable solutions that your sorority can personalize. You can assure best practices are adopted and that your entire organization is aligned with the proper recruitment policies, procedures and goals.

Foster trust and collaboration

Bidlily’s open and flexible architecture fosters trust and collaboration by allowing you to use Bidlily with industry partners such as ICS, Campus Director, the GIN System, and other technologies to provide seamless data exchange and best in industry capabilities.

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Vote from Your Mobile Device

Vote and comment on potential new members from your mobile device to provide real-time data to your chapter. No more wasteful paper votes or clunky clickers.

Manage Recruitment with Ease

Manage all aspects of your recruitment experience from one launching pad. Add and score your potential new members, set up your chapter’s accounts and recruitment schedules, conduct voting and manage your recruitment data all in one place.

Get to Know Your PNMs

Comprehensive user profiles that your whole chapter can access provide complete information on a PNM’s activities, interests, legacy status, recommendations and more.

Select the Right New Members

Customize your scoring and voting criteria to your organization and utilize auto-scoring and note-taking to get to know the PNMs that are the best fit for your chapter.

Visualize Progress & Trends

Review the member match report to discover voting trends within your chapter, or the master voting report to analyze comprehensive recruitment data. Evaluate historical trends within your chapter or your organization as a whole.

Additional Features and Benefits

Optimize your

Recruiting Pool

Import PNM data, photos, and ID numbers and detail all important information about PNMs. Use Bidlily pre-score, pre-rank and get to know the PNMs before the recruitment even starts!

Make BidLily


Personalize Bidlily’s functionality to fit the needs of your organization’s unique recruitment procedures, including scoring and voting criteria, legacy and academic requirements, and reporting policies.

Keep Track of

Events Schedules

View upcoming rounds and events, match your members to PNMs in advance, and stay on top of scoring, voting, and reporting in collaboration with your rotation groups and recruitment committees throughout all of recruitment.

Learn with

Training Mode

Utilize Bidlily’s training mode and tutorial videos to acquire all the knowledge to run an effective recruitment. You can import mock PNM profiles and data to practice before you go live!

The Industry’s Best Training & Support

Bidlily’s customer renewal rate is over 95%. Customers come back for our intuitive solutions backed by our exceptional customer service including: 24/7 support access, hands-on set-up assistance, in-person and web-based training sessions, customized user guides, FAQs and video tutorials.

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