Introducing BIDLILY Spring 2017 Edition


Improved Voting & Selection

Customize voting criteria, evaluation questions and leverage auto scoring and feedback features to add recommendations and notes on fit and PNM matching suggestions.


Mobile Accessibility

Follow recruitment event progress, vote and comment on candidates from anywhere and stay aligned with chapter members and organizers in real-time from your mobile devices.


Complete User Profiles

Know your recruits! Select the best PNMs to fit your culture, values and chapter with complete user profiles on a PNM’s education, activities, interests and recommendations.


Industry Compatibility

Bidlily now works with ICS, GIN and ChapterBuilder to provide seamless data and recruiting capabilities from registration, scheduling, voting and analysis to bid selection and more.


Chapter Customization

Make Bidlily yours! Personalize Bidlily ’s design and functionality to fit the needs of your chapter’s unique quotas, voting criteria, scoring, reporting and recruitment processes.


Reporting & Analysis

View the Master Voting Report or group PNMs to discover which are preferred and why voters favor them. Analyze quota attainment, voting participation and feedback trends.

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